The best series with inspiring female leading roles

Hello from Oslo! First post from the new home, the move went very well, thanks all for your sweet words and encouragements. I guess a post is long due on my gipsy life and the who and whys of this big life changes. But for now, the weekend is approaching pretty much for everyone and everywhere, so I thought I might focus on that. Who says weekend says Netflix, HBO, movies and all, who says weekend says binging (who are we kidding?). Oh and by the way if your mind went straight to binging = food, make sure to check out these little babies for a healthy series/snacking combo. Who's excited now, eh?! So if like me you feel you have exhausted all possible options of series, and cannot bear the thought of contemplating that overcrowded Netflix catalogue in sheer disappointment, fear not, we got ya! All these shows cover a pretty broad range of genres, but all have in common a strong female lead to give you the extra oomph of motivation, of courage or just a good laugh when you most need it. Might sound extremely silly, but I love having series with multiple seasons, and the feeling of growing closer to the characters as time passes. So anyway, if thats you, then search no more, meet some fab ladies and indulge. De nada.

Aparte: If you haven't yet checked it out, look for our playlist of best movies on female empowerment, they for sure will make you feel that little happier to go home after a long day at work.

#1 Big Little Lies

Why? For Reese, for Nicole and for praising the unique and ever inspiring female connections. The show has beautiful lights, stunning decors and a thrilling scenario. You will not be able to switch off.


#2 Borgen

Why? If you know the Killing, by that I mean the original version made in Denmark, I can only urge you to watch this. By far the best political tv show of all time, yes even better than the West Wing and House of Cards combined. The show follows the intricacies of policy making and the politics of PR and investigations. The main character Birgitte is the Danish Prime Minister and is absolutely amazing, endearing and inspiring in her complexity and contradictions. Watch it in Danish with subtitles and get yourself infused with the charms of Scandinavia.


#3 Sex and the City

Why? Just because it might well be the Genesis of kick ass ladies on the small screen.

#4 Girls

Why? Because it is smart, terribly raw and honest. The show follows our generation in today's climate of uncertainty and doubt and challenges. Beautifully shot in NYC, and played with pure genius, it will make you feel at home and will challenge your mind.


#5 Victoria

Why? Because Queen V was the most kick ass, sassy, romantic and aloof queen of all times. Beautiful decorum, great historical value and a good dose of romance. Must.


#6 Nashville

Why? Because it truly turned me into a fan of country music (no joke). Rayna, the main character is very inspiring in her struggle with motherhood, aging, running businesses and her quest for true love. When in doubt, when sad, when in need of a hug or if you mum is far: tune in, ask Rayna. And get singing.

#7 Friday Night Lights

Why? Because it is with the same Connie Britton who just seems to ace any type of strong, loving lead role. Like a clever and endearing 90210 and The OC combined, but only better.


#8 The Crown

Why? Well because I love queens, I love to see and understand the dilemmas of private life and public duty. Because it is stunningly shot and beautifully acted. Because you should treat yourself and catch up before season 2 starts in December.


Alright ladies, now let me know yours, it's my weekend too!

Evodie F.