#whatsinyourbag Meet Evodie

Hello swanky smarty ladies, we have now been live for about a month, and so far #9to9daily has been the most exciting and rewarding experience which got us far above and beyond our originals aspirations for the magazine. Born from the idea to equip the modern women, juggling full lives at work and in their private spheres, creative and ambitious to realise their dreams and find wellness and balance, #9to9daily is constantly evolving with you! It took us some years to finally get around launching this project, and believe us there is nothing better than the feeling of having created your own opportunity, following through with it and getting so much kind support out there. So thank you for reading us, for following us and sharing your feedback and advices. This means the world to us.

Now it's time for you to meet us. We thought long and hard about different formats for this one and came to the conclusion that there was barely anything more intimate, more revealing than what a girl carries in her bag. So today's it's my turn to wash my dirty laundry wide in the open and show you what I need to survive my #9to9daily. Hope you like it, and hope you'll share yours in return on Instagram #929girls #whatsinyourbag! Without further due, let's start digging!


The bag

My go-to bag lately, (yes I tend to switch every two to three weeks, got to keep it playful!) is this new beautiful Balenciaga bag that I got in Milan this summer. Casual yet luxurious, it is the perfect 9 to 9 bag, that can easily work for the office and external meetings to a sexy night out. Relatively spacious, it had the huge advantage to cater for the vast amount of shit I can tend to carry. To make the affair a little more swanky, I pair it with a bright pink Gucci wallet that I recently bought in Italy.


The 'Pochette'

Pochette in French is the purse of a purse or a clutch, and God knows I have quite the collection. This one is my latest all-time favourite. My good friend S- got it for my birthday when she was posted in Malaysia  for few months this year. I love how personal and customised the little plane and name makes it. Love, love it. I personally think that carrying with you some of these sentimental pieces can really make a difference and make you feel more wholesome or equipped for a tough day ahead. I also carry a second one (sometimes third) to separate items by 'theme'. There is the beauty one, the travel one and often the 'messy' one. This second one (the cute pink number) is from Glossier that I got in New York. I love that you can add stickers to it and make it really fun and girly. 

The beauty essentials

Because I walk my own talk, I only carry the bare minimum when it comes to beauty and make-up. Check-out my advices on what you should bring and what you should leave out for a full 9 to 9 day. So I always carry hand cream. I am actually obsessed with hand creams. I tend to have one in my bag, one at my desk, one by my bedside table and one in my bathroom. I have the most dry, sensitive hands ever and they need actual good and constant care. This one is a super soft and ph neutral formula I found at my supermarket. I also have Glossier's balm dotcom which is similar to Dr PawPaw or the ultra famous 8 Hours Cream. Perfect on the lips, on the eyes-lids for a glossy finish, on cuticles, on dead skins, on everything. It's like a unicorn in a tiny tube. I have discovered recently the Clarins' Eclat Minute. It is also a good 2 in 1 product, soothing for your lips with a hint of glowing colour. I also take with me my favourite 'It's your mauve' HM lipstick, that I reviewed here. As mentioned, I try to keep the makeup items that I carry to a minimum, so generally a good mascara, a bronzer and a concealer will do the job. Here we got DiorShow mascara, Hoola bronzer from Benefit and as reviewed here, the ultimate concealer genius bargain. Because I am always in and out of a plane, I pack my vitamins and supplements in daily travel pill boxes, and take the days I need with me.

The inspo

I can't go anywhere without my Moleskine. I got through one every year on average. Notes, thoughts, quotes, ideas for #9to9daily, pictures of dear friends, magazine pages that have inspired me, notes from my boyfriend, cards of restaurants we have loved and so much more live in these pages. It is probably the most revealing thing about me. But that, won't be shared (yet).


The geeks

My passport doesn't ever leave my sight. I also have the PriorityPass for airports lounges, and my portable battery for my laptop or phone that are amongst my most precious belongings right now. I always have my gym card, because there is no day like today for a good workout. And I have a secret passion for tacky key-rings. I got this one during a New Year's trip to Miami few years back, and bought the mini one 'Not all those who wander are Lost' when I was working in Singapore.


The life savers

I try to drink about two litres of water or tea a day. Yep check this little article on why it is super important for healthy fat burning and glowing skin. So I carry a reusable water bottle everywhere I go. Especially smart for airplanes. This one is by a Danish designer that I found in Oslo and just loved the look. Sunglasses live religiously in any bag I carry. Sun or not, I do tend to rock a solid diva- verging on the bitchy look, unapologetically. These chic ones are from Dior. Merci my love. I also carry Ibuprofen with me. CVS do big bottles, and that usually do me for a year. Headaches, periods, friends in need. It gets super useful. FisherMan's Friends are also pretty great when it comes to saving the night. My father used to buy them when we were kids, my boyfriend swears by them, and I will have to admit they have saved a couple of meetings and afterwork dates! You will now know my love for smart packing and samples, so there are always some randoms ones living and lying at the bottom of my bags, here is some night serum by Dr Hauschka that I use on dead skins or under my eyes before using my concealer, in the foreseeable event of a last minute spontaneous date with my man or drinks with the girls.


So what's in your bag for a full 9 to 9 day? Please share with us your essentials! Coming soon Noemi's dirty secrets!

Evodie F.