9to9 Selfcare with Nina Jarebrink, fashion designer

Meet Nina Jarebrink, the Swedish fashion designer behind her eponymous label Nina Jarebrink! I was curious to know what selfcare rituals it takes to be a successful fashion designer. So without further ado, here is 9to9 Selfcare with Nina Jarebrink. This interview is full of magical horses, kombucha and icy showers routines. Enjoy!

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Why are we still competing with other women?

From the office to the gym, we often fall in the habit of comparing ourselves with other women. We look at another woman and don't even see her. All we see is a smarter, richer or prettier version of ourselves. Why do we feel that others' successes have to come at our detriment? And how self-love can get us out of that trap? Hop on ladies!

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9to9 Selfcare with Jessica Winderl, yoga teacher, Founder and podcast host

Meet Jessica Winderl - an Oslo-based American yoga teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, and the Founder of the Atman Yoga School. She oozes out of self care and self love and I must say: I am absolutely obsessed with her morning routine! This interview if full of tips and knowledge nuggets that her career, research and practices have fueled over the years. You will LOVE it.

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9to9 Selfcare with Mimmi, Founder at By Van Der Crussen

Time for 9to9 Selfcare with Mimmi Van Der Crussen!

If you are anything like me - this interview will deeply move you and encourage you to seek meaning and love for yourself. This one is a longer one, but oh boy it is worth every word. So flag it, send it, share it - you will love it!

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9to9 Girls: meet Anette Founder of As We Are Now (AW:AN)

Meet Anette: the Entrepreneur, Mother and Founder behind As We Are Now, the Ecoluxe loungewear brand beautifully mixing Nordic design and sustainable performance fabrics. Read her interview as we explore her vision for the company, her mission to give women more stylish options for their modern lives; as well as the many tips and reflections she’s gathered along her entrepreneurship way.


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How do you start mindful eating?

Food, exercise, body. And repeat. And try to stop! As I embarked on a year to renew an intuitive relationship with myself and nutrition, here are my 3 learnings so far and some resources to help you too. The jump can be scary, letting go of the reins sure is, but gentleness is key.

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